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You might be one of the countless people who remain unaware that they have hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. Highly experienced cardiologist Dr. Alberto Chavira provides valuable screenings, tests, and treatments for hypertension in San Marcos, California. Dr. Chavira employs a multifaceted approach to help you regulate your blood pressure and enhance your heart health. Call the office or book online to schedule an appointment and receive the personalized cardiologic care you need.


What is hypertension?

When the force and pressure of your blood are too high against your artery walls, you have a condition called hypertension, or high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, kidney failure, as well as other complications if it is not controlled.

All of the above complications can be avoided with proper treatment.

What are the symptoms of hypertension?

High blood pressure is called the silent killer because it rarely causes any symptoms. The patient feels well. In the meantime, the high blood pressure is significantly damaging many vital organs in the body and putting you at risk to suffer major adverse cardiac events.

If you are 40 years or more it is important to be evaluated by a skilled physician like Dr. Chavira since you are unlikely to be aware you have hypertension.

What causes hypertension?

Hypertension occurs in 2 forms:

Primary hypertension

In 90% of cases, no cause can be discovered. This is called primary hypertension. Primary hypertension usually occurs slowly over many years causing damage to vital organs.

Secondary hypertension

In 10% of the patients with high blood pressure, a cause can be established. In some of these cases, high blood pressure can be cured.

Certain factors can increase your risk of developing hypertension, such as:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Chronic alcohol abuse
  • Kidney complications
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Adrenal gland tumors
  • Illegal drugs like amphetamines, cocaine

Some medications, such as birth control pills, prescription drugs, and cold remedies can also increase your risk of hypertension. There are a large number of different medicines for high blood pressure. Choosing the medications that are right for you can be complicated. After checking, your blood pressure, your medical history, and performing a thorough physical exam, Dr. Chavira will design an individualized medical treatment plan for you.

What are treatments for hypertension?

The first line of treatment is medication. Dr. Chavira will discuss healthy lifestyle changes, like regular exercise and nutrient-dense diet, that are very important components of treating high blood pressure.

If you are dealing with hypertension and have concerns, call Dr. Alberto Chavira or book online to schedule a consultation.